What is a Pedigree Hamster?

Pedigree is a term you may hear a lot in the breeding circle of hamsters. A pedigree hamster is one that has known parents on both sides for several generations. Said hamster comes from a knowledgeable, experienced breeder who can verify its genetics, lineage and discuss potential health problems with you.

The hamsters provided by breeders of the OHC are almost always considered pedigree hamsters. There may be occasions where a hamster may not live up to the standards suggested here of what makes a pedigree hamster. Sometimes breeders do need to include new blood. In these instances, breeders should be upfront with adopters.

SBH Nettle whose maternal pedigree dates to the 1990s, and River Road Hamstery

A pedigree hamster…

  • Comes with a two generation pedigree on both sides (both sets of grandparents)
  • If unknown, it is clearly indicated on pedigree
  • Has known genetics
  • Has any known health problems with the line disclosed with adopters
  • Comes with lifetime support from breeder

OHC’s standards for a pedigree hamster will be reevaluated in 2019.