Show Information

The OHC regularly holds hamster shows where breeders and exhibitors can come to have their hamsters judged by experienced senior breeders. While the competition is mostly friendly, hamsters who win their classes leave with ribbons, and are competing for Best in Show. Hamsters of exemplary quality can be awarded Certificates of Merit, and eventually become Champions.

Shows are held in indoor venues, unless the weather allows. Visitors must pay an entry fee to gain access, which helps pay for the venue and any refreshments. Anyone wishing to exhibit their hamster must pay an entry fee per hamster. Each show will feature an information table and sales table. The sales table will sell appropriate items, including wheels, food, treats, snuggle sacks, and cages. It may include hamsters, however anyone choosing to adopt must be pre-approved from the breeder.

Exhibitors must ensure their hamster is healthy and parasite free. All incoming animals will be health checked at the door upon entry. Other species of animals (dogs, cats, gerbils, rats) are not permitted. Service animals are accepted.

Turnip! modelling a Critter Keeper.
Hamsters are to be placed in clear “Critter Keepers” only to ensure integrity of judging. Once entry has been made, exhibitors may not handle their hamsters until after judging. Only judges may handle the hamster, and at no point may unauthorized individuals handle these hamsters.

All hamsters who come to the show for any reason must meet minimum health and age requirements. Each animal must be health checked, and be minimum 6 weeks of age. Frail, elderly, easily stressed, pregnant, nursing, or injured hamsters should never be brought to a show. Any hamster brought to the show which has been acquired from a different source must have been quarantined for at least two weeks. Hamsters acquired within the last two weeks may not be brought to shows.

Hamsters should arrive with adequate bedding and a large slice of cucumber. Long hair Syrians should arrive on paper based cat litter, such as Yesterday’s News. The secretary will give your hamster some lab blocks as food during the show.

There will also be a “pet” category for pet hamsters. These hamsters are judged on their temperament, and may include categories like “best hair”, “cutest face”. This is ideal for an owner who is not regularly involved in exhibiting.