Show Standards

The OHC follows NHC Standards set for judging. During a show, the hamster is being judged on their type, condition, and for standardized colours, their colour. Many colours in North America are unfortunately unstandardized, so will be judged on just type and condition. Below has been taken from the NHC Website, and is their set of standards. The OHC may at some time create a set of standards.

Given the sparseness of the genes in Ontario, there will only be specific classes. The following are accepted classes, for the main show.



Coat Varieties


NHC Standards


All judges must use this system and the judge’s decision is final.

TYPE (25 points) - The body shall be broad and cobby. The head shall be large in proportion to the body with a broad skull, short face and blunt nose. The head shall be well set into the body, the profile showing a smooth curve from nose over head, to nape of neck.

FUR (20 points) - The fur shall be soft and very dense. Special attention shall be paid to the density of the belly fur. In longhaired hamsters, the coat shall be as long and dense as possible, but allowance must be made for sex, i.e. males must have longer fur than females, and the females shall not be penalised for having shorter fur. The length of fur must be taken into account when judging all classes.

SIZE (10 points) - The hamster shall be as large as possible, but not fat. Allowance shall be made for sex; i.e. female hamsters in general are larger than males.

CONDITION (10 points) - The hamster shall be fit, curious when well awake and tame to handle. The flesh shall be firm with no surplus fat. The coat shall have a healthy sheen and the hamster shall be quite clean.

EYES AND EARS (5 points) - The eyes shall be large, prominent and widely set. The ears shall be large, set well apart and carried erect and unfolded when the hamster is alert.

In patterned varieties 15 points shall be allocated for colour and markings and 15 points for pattern.



The penalties shall be as defined in the following table;

Totally missing limb, eye, ear, foot or tail Mandatory disqualification
Any physical deformity believed by the judge to be hereditary Mandatory disqualification
Suspect disease or intractability Mandatory disqualification
Excess fat Minus 5 points maximum
Sores, wounds, or scars Minus 10 points maximum
Dirty Show Pen Minus 10 points maximum
Fruit/vegetables - deviation from Rules Minus 2 points maximum